Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 30, 2007 - Impeachment Show- Jacob Park, Amilie Coster, Carol Wolman, Elizabeth de la Vega, Anthony St. Martin, and Stephania Widger

Listen 7:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to the WeThePeopleRadioNetwork and to our guests-

Jacob Park is the webmaster of www.a28.org and has been the coordinator for the National Day of Impeachment. He has been overwhelmed by the responses from all over, the photos, the videos, the creativity and energy of people who took part in the National Impeachment Day, and is still in the process of updating the website, but will give us a bit of time to share his experience and the highlights of all the actions.

Amilie Coster organized the Coney Island "Beach Impeach."

Elizabeth de la Vega is a former federal prosecutor, who was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Minneapolis as well as a member of the Organized Crime Strike Force and Branch Chief in San Jose, California. Her specialty has been prosecuting people who break the law.

In her book- United States v. Bush et al., de la Vega lays out an actual indictment of the Bush Administration for crimes committed based on violation of U.S. law. She then proceeds to take the reader through a simulated presentation of the indictment to a grand jury.

In short, she brings Bush and his cohorts to the court of justice and makes them subject to the rule of law.

United States v. Bush et al. is not about impeachment, per se, because it is about a criminal indictment presented in a grand jury. The actual grand jury proceedings in the book are simulated, but the facts that the indictment is based on are real.

Carol S. Wolman, MD is a psychiatrist in Northern California. A lifelong peace activist, she has written extensively on the psychology of our times. She is actively working to impeach Bush and Cheney. She is one of the moving forces behind impeachbush-cheney.com. She ran for Congress as a nonpartisan write-in candidate in CA district 1, and was a coordinator of the Longhouse Coalition.

Anthony St. Martin began Pledgetoimpeach.org. He worked as a professional actor before founding a theater of political realism - North Beach Repertory, in San Francisco’s Cannery. (Winner of several awards for acting and directing.) He made the short political film “Homeland” in 2001, and began working on impeaching Bush in 2003, launching the Pledge to Impeach campaign in 2006.

Stephania Widger from Code Pink www.codepink4peace.org speaks about Code Pinks activities in Washington DC and San Francisco and the continual pressure that they have placed upon Nancy Pelosi to "Put Impeachment on the Table" and to "Stop the War."

Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Cheney in the run up to April 28, 2007, the National Day of Impeachment Actions www.a28.org. We will discuss the actions, Congress's response, and what people can do remove criminals from positions of power.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 23, 9/11 Truth show's guests- Ken Jenkins, videographer and Joyce Lynn, journalist

Pioneering 9/11 Truth activists, Ken Jenkins, Joyce Lynn, and Carol Brouillet will discuss how they became aware that the official 9/11 narrative was false. All three did research and spoke out publicly before there was a 9/11 Truth Movement.

Ken Jenkins has produced a large number of the early 9/11 Truth documentaries, and most of the David Ray Griffin videos. He helped to organize the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11 and publicly speaks about the psychological aspects of 9/11. He also helped found the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance (sf911truth.org) and 911TV.org, which sends 9/11 truth documentaries to be shown on community access television stations across the country.

Joyce Lynn, (joycelynn.com) was a political reporter in Washington DC for ten years. She is now a dream guidance teacher and edits Political Diary (Political Diary). One of the first journalists to dig deeply into 9/11, she has presented her research on the 9/11 Commission at the citizen organized Inquiries in San Francisco and Toronto.

Ken Jenkins, Joyce Lynn and Carol Brouillet will also be speaking at UC Berkeley's International House on Thursday, April 26th, 2007, 7:30 p.m., Chevron Auditorium, 2299 Piedmont Ave. (SE corner of campus).

Friday, April 13, 2007

April 16, Impeachment Show's guests- Jacob Park, Amillie Coster, Lew Brown, Nancy Mancias, Brad Newsham,

Impeachment should be on the table, shouted in the streets, enacted in the Halls of Congress. To create the political will, many of us have been working for years to create a groundswell of opposition to the criminal activities of the current occupants of the White House. Speaking on the show will be activists who have been working for some time on impeachment and will be able to give us an update on the national campaigns underway.

Jacob Park is the webmaster for http://www.a28.org working on the theme of "Spelling it Out" on a national day of impeachment action.

Amillie Coster, organizer for the Coney Island Impeach Beach action, http://volunteerforchange.org/event/details/975 .

Lew Brown is the coordinator behind the "National Shopping Boycott for Impeachment for Peace and Justice," the "We Are Not Buying It!" campaign at http://www.wearenotbuyingit.org .

Brad Newsham was the moving force behind the Impeach Beach action in San Francisco last January and is working on a more ambitious project for April 28th "Bodies Count" at http://beachimpeach.com/ and also on the beach again in San Francisco.

Nancy Mancias, assistant to the cofounder of CODEPINK - http://www.codepink4peace.org/, Medea Benjamin. She is a key organizer in the San Francisco anti-war community and supports war resisters in the US and Canada. Nancy is a theatre arts professional and is on the Board of Directors for Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco's oldest alternative art space. CODEPINK is organizing a march for impeachment to Nancy Pelosi's house- http://www.pelosiwatch.org, following the Impeach Beach action on April 28th.

Sadly Dennis Loo, co-editor of the book- Impeach the President- The Case Against Bush and Cheney, and the moving force behind the "Show It Off!!!" campaign http://www.showitoffnow.blogspot.com (Wear your politics on your sleeve and don Impeachment attire prior to the National Day of Impeachment) had to cancel at the last minute, but you can find links to his other interviews on http://dennisloo.blogspot.com/.

I have also invited other activists, but everyone is pretty busy these days- speaking out, organizing... There is a wealth of activity going on right now across the nation, with many, many groups participating in creative efforts to raise the dialogue and action on Impeachment. If you would like to join us on the program tonight, to share your actions and ideas, the call in numbers are- 512-646-6449 or 888-202-1984.

Locally, we held a 411 on 911 Rally and March for 9/11 Truth and Impeachment on Wednesday, details of which are posted at http://www.communitycurrency.org/impeach.html.