Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 18, 2008 911 Power to the People Show with Les Jamieson and Kyle Hence

In the first hour with Les Jamieson and Kyle Hence.

In the second hour with Kyle Hence

Les Jamieson, a leader in the New York 9/11 Truth Movement, active with ny911truth.org, gives an update on their efforts to carry forward the New York City Ballot Initiative, www.nyc911initiative.org. 27,000 signatures have been gathered, but they may not be able to meet this year's deadline, but the signatures will count towards getting it passed next year. With enough support, they still might be abl to pull it off this year, but they just have a little over two weeks, so they need people and money to assist them in winning over the public and collecting signatures. Tha campaign, itself has been a success in raising more awareness and support for a genuine investigation.

Kyle Hence played a leadership role in creating the 9/11 Truth Alliance back in 2002, and organizing one of the first educational events in DC in June 2002 on 9/11 and the Public Safety. He was involved with the production of three excellent documentaries- Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9/11, 9/11 Press for Truth, and In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families. He was a founder of 9/11 Citizen's Watch, and helped get Representative Cynthia McKinney to chair the September 2004- 9/11 Citizens’ Commission Hearings in New York City and hold briefings for the Black Congressional Caucus in DC in July of 2005, entitled "The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - A Citizens’ Response – Did They Get It Right?"

We spoke about the 9/11 Truth Movement, Kyle's films, many aspects of 9/11, including the financial aspects, which Kyle continues to research. Acknowledging the growth of the movement, we also noted the challenges we've had to face, including the morass of conflicting information which makes it harder to discover the truth, the barriers posed by the media, the government, and our own human ability to organize ourselves, let alone cooperate and work together to build genuine political forces to challenge those which organized, staged and have used 9/11 to strengthen their grip on the country and the world.

Originally, I had counted on Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente to be on the show, but Cynthia couldn't stay awake for it, because she has to get up early tomorrow for a plane. I don't know why we couldn't reach Rosa, but when I organized the interview, her scheduler said that she had 200 press inquiries, so I am guessing that she was overwhwelmed and forgot- and the phone number that I was given to reach her was the wrong one, but I don't know. As a Green Party candidate, I know that the Green Party has its strengths and weaknesses; it is not wealthy, well organized, and communications within the Party and between the Party and the public remains a huge challenge.

Cynthia McKinney still is an inspiration to me. Kyle mentioned how she grilled Rumsfeld on the War Games that took place on September 11th and probed to find out about the trillions missing from the Pentagon.

A caller mentioned how Cynthia needed just a few more donations to qualify for Federal funding which would help her tremendously to launch a tour across the country with her message and reach out to young people with her hip-hop supporters.

We spoke about the failure of the 9/11 Commission, but its value in providing us with chronicled lies and omissions which help point the way to the avenues of research that need to be pursued. We agreed on the need for a new commission with subpoena power. Kyle spoke of the success of 9/11 Press for Truth (not financial, but in raising consciousness), nationally, around the world, and how he personally gave copies to members of Congress, including Senator Obama, and Senator Clinton.

John Bursill phoned from Australia to urge Cynthia and the Green Party's help at winning over the Australian Greens, and mentioned their upcoming 9/11 Truth events.

Another caller asked about the possibility of cancelling the elections and martial law.

Overall, I think our message to people is to show courage, and organize; we all need to face and overcome the obstacles in our paths, including members of Congress.

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