Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 14, 2008 - 9/11 Truth Show with Sander Hicks

Listen 7:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to the WeThePeopleRadioNetwork.com and to our guest Sander Hicks.

Sander Hicks is one of the most colorful media activists of his generation. He runs the Drench Kiss Media Corporation's retail dynamo, "Vox Pop." The place for "Books, Coffee, Democracy," Vox Pop is a vibrant, fair-trade, community-empowering, consciousness-raising space, on Cortelyou Road, in Flatbush, Brooklyn. In three years, Vox Pop has spawned new activist groups, redefined "community development", and published a muck-raking tabloid, The New York Megaphone.

In 1996, he founded Soft Skull Press, Inc. (acquired in 2007 by Winton & Shoemaker). In 2003, Hicks was star of "Horns and Halos" (HBO/Cinemax) the independent publishing documentary that recorded Hicks’s attempts to get unpopular truths out about G.W. Bush, through the biography Fortunate Son (Soft Skull, 1999). His own book, The Big Wedding (Vox Pop, 2005) broke new ground on the working-class intelligence assets and whistle-blowers who tried to stop 9/11 from happening. Hicks has reported for Alternet, GNN, Long Island Press, New York Press, and INN World Report Television (FSTV, Dish Network).

His website is http://www.sanderhicks.com/. He has worked on Wall Street, as a playwright for Playwrights Horizons and New Dramatists, and as a shift manager at Kinko’s. In 2006, he was elected to lead the Cortelyou Road Merchants Association, in Flatbush, Brooklyn. That same year he was a US Senate candidate from the Green Party.

He will be tour this February, and speaking in detail about the strange death of 9/11 Truth Researcher Dr. Graham. He posted 9/11 Researcher Sander Hicks Files Complaint with DOJ which details his trip to Louisiana and Texas and the strange behavior of the FBI regarding Graham before and after his death.

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