Monday, September 3, 2007

September 3, 2007- The 9/11 Truth Movement with Paul DesLauriers and Janice Matthews

Listen 7:00- 8:00 pm (PST) to the and to our guest in the first hour- Paul DesLauriers.

Listen 8:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to the and to our guest in the second hour- Janice Matthews.

In the First hour Paul DesLauriers will discuss his book - Bearer of Light- A Catalyst for Global Change and his experience and insights as Grassroots Coordinator for

Paul has over twenty-three years experience as an organizational development consultant, management coach, and workshop facilitator. He has employed his innovative, new-paradigm concepts for “high energy group performance” with such clients as Hoechst, Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus, IKEA, and over seventy TV broadcasting and advertising agencies. He authored IN THE HIGH-ENERGY ZONE: The 6 Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups.

Bearer of Light: A Catalyst for Global Change, provides an uplifting approach and hope to the challenges our nation faces. Paul, an eco-scientist turned business consultant, has a master's degree in mechanical and oceanic engineering. He attended a Catholic seminary and taught yoga and personal growth programs at Kripalu Center. He has conducted research in ocean and coastal ecology, and worked as an environmental consultant, for numerous organizations.

In the second hour, our guest is Janice Matthews currently the Executive Director of Janice was originally the outreach coordinator of until September, 2005 when she became Executive Director.

She also was a co-founder of the now-archived 9/11 Visibility Project. She focuses on facilitating activism and encouraging ordinary people to become participants and leaders in their own lives and communities. She has a B.A. from the University of Kansas, half a masters in social welfare and extensive training in direct-entry midwifery. She is a mother of six, a Kansas City native and a radical Christian, involved locally with various community activism groups. In particular, Janice is passionate about correcting the course on issues facing troops and veterans, (abuse, 'depleted' uranium, 'immunizations' and the lack of care and support received resulting in large numbers of suicides and hundreds of thousands of homeless veterans), the horrifying dangers of 'non-lethal' weaponry used by the US, and thoroughly replacing our current mainstream media through "becoming the media."

Janice believes decentralized People's movements are our hope for successful, nonviolent change in America, as has so often been the case around the world. (She recommends the amazing movie, "The Fourth World War," for more on this.) Truly, we are "the other."

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