Tuesday, November 27, 2007

December 3, 2007- Election Protection Show with Sherry Healy

Listen 7:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to the WeThePeopleRadioNetwork.com and to our guest - Sherry Healy.

Since 2002, Sherry Healy has been singularly dedicated to the election integrity cause. As a result Sherry Healy is co-founder of the California Election Protection Network, and is a coordinator for the Election Defense Alliance. Locally she is Chair of Marin-Democracy for America's Election Reform Committee, as well as a delegate for California's 6th Assembly District.

Sherry has been singularly dedicated to the election integrity cause since 2002 resulting in over a 70 written materials--from articles to position statements. Some notable articles are "Machinations Behind Closed Doors" and the "No Hearing Hearing." Some notable position papers are the "California Election Protection Network's Centralized Voter Registration Recommendations to the Election Assistance Commission" and the "Titanium Standard audit protocol. Sherry also wrote a humorous play titled, "How to Maintain Our Democracy's Election Hygiene," which was performed by CodePink at the Sparc Theater in Venice, California.

Also, with the aim of raising awareness, Sherry has orchestrated important public events, including a highly successful San Diego Town Hall meeting in November of 2006, which was hosted by Ed Asner and featured prominent national election integrity leaders. It is notable that this San Diego Town Hall meeting, with its important recommendations to voters, received extensive airplay on Link TV, as well as other outlets, in the critical week prior to a pivotal California Secretary of State race. Recently, Sherry joined the Board of Directors for California's Tangible Ballot Initiative.

More recently, she put her creative and entrepreneurial experience to use in co-creating Equalivote, which is a non-computerized ballot marking device for voters with disabilities.

In Vote by Mail We Trust, But Why?

Turnout, turnout, turnout, is the mantra of campaign managers. And fast, easy and cheap is the mantra of election officials and consumers. Apparently, Vote by Mail has something for everyone, and so it’s no wonder it now constitutes 40% of California’s vote and its popularity is rapidly gaining momentum nationwide.

Not too surprising then, that if you say vote by mail is a fast track to fascism, people’s eyes roll in disbelief. But listeners may want to suspend their disbelief to learn about vote by mail's structural unreliability and much more, and then see what you think.

Elections have been stolen, ever since they have held them, but the techniques and technologies have evolved over time. Is it even possible for citizens to oversee the processes and be sure that their votes are counted? Sherry has delved into the labyrinth of modern voting which is evolving as rapidly as technology is evolving. She can point out the dangers, pitfalls, shortcomings, blatant criminality and corruption that she has discovered on her journey and the direction that we need to go, if we are to avoid institutionalized fascism.

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