Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 10, 2007- 9/11 Truth Show with Jason King, Mia Hamel, Dylan Avery

Listen 7:00- 8:00 pm (PST) to the WeThePeopleRadioNetwork.com and to our guests - Jason King and Mia Hamel.

Listen 8:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to the WeThePeopleRadioNetwork.com and to our guest - Dylan Avery.

Jason King is an activist, parent and graphic designer and a major force behind Boston911Truth.org and the Boston Tea Parties for 9/11 Truth. He is also on the steering committee of 911Truth.org/.

At the age of 17 he participated in the 1971 May Day demonstrations, and was a plaintiff in the class action suit Dellums v. Powell conducted through the ACLU, which established the precedent for monetary compensation for the violation of one's constitutional rights. The Supreme Court later cited this case as a precedent in the decision to grant compensation to Japanese Americans who in WWII were interned in American prison camps.

From a family of WWII veterans, Mr. King's role has been to fight the injustices of war itself by lending his talents as a graphic artist to many organizations in campaigns to end the wars waged, from Vietnam to Iraq. In the 1980's Mr. King was a member of Communicators for Nuclear Disarmament, a media and design clearinghouse for the Nuclear Freeze movement. His goal is to continue creating professional level design and creative teams, to convey the urgent message of our time regarding the unanswered questions 9/11. Mr. King maintains that peace and truth are American values that transcend political ideologies, and that the fundamental principals of our republic enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights need to be restored.

Mia Hamel is an activist in Florida, who has also helped with 9/11 Truth Conferences, and communications through her White Rose Newsletter. She was arrested for leafletting at the premiere of Oliver Stone's film World Trade Center exercising her first amendment rights in an act of civil disobedience. She is a courageous, inspiring person showing how one person can and does make difference.

Dylan Avery wanted to make films. He was told by the famous actor, James Gandolfini, "If you want to be a successful director, you have to have something to say to the world." His first foray was a fictional film about some guys who found out that 9/11 was was not a terrorist attack, but rather, an attack by their own government.

In the process of making the film, the evidence began adding up. Dylan took the heroic path of seeking and speaking truth, capturing the attention of an entire generation with- the internet blockbuster- Loose Change. In a very organic way, he and his friends began traveling to promote the film, speaking to audiences across the country. They garnered media attention and harsh criticisms from researchers within the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Dylan and his friends continued to do research, learn from their critics, work with the activists, bond with the victims, support those who risked their lives to save lives at Ground Zero and suffered the devastating health effects of the toxic dust. Dylan grew, the film evolved, and evolved again. With facts checked and given the warm approval of our esteemed researcher, David Ray Griffin, they have produced a third edition of the original idea - "Loose Change - Final Cut" released November 11th, debuting in the U.K., then the East Coast, and now premiering in the West Coast. Dylan and Jason Bermas will be at the premieres, along with local musician Remo Conscious who produced the soundtracks for the films. They will also be participating in the second San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth, held in Solidarity with the Boston Tea Party, on the 234th Anniversary of the first Boston Tea Party- Sunday, December 16, 2007.

The Tea Parties

From Boston to San Francisco, modern patriots will express their rejection of Bush’s tyrannical laws and their demand for a genuine investigation of 9/11--as well as their demand for impeachment--by tossing, burning or shredding into oceans, rivers, and barbecue pits the rejected 9/11 Report, the PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, Presidential Directive 51, and H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

In solidarity with Boston 9/11 Truth’s re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance will echo the call for all Americans to cast off the tyranny, deceit and lies imposed on the American public since 9/11/2001.

At 12 noon on December 16th in San Francisco, costumed activists will rally at Pier 39, bearing oversized replicas of the flawed 9/11 Report and other tyrannical, offensive documents, ringing bells, and making proclamations. The activists will parade westward past Fisherman’s Wharf to rally again at 2 pm at the foot of Hyde Street Pier, before a final march through Aquatic Park to the end of Municipal Pier where at 3 pm the replicas will be thrown into the Bay.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is highly critical of the omissions and distortions of the official 9/11 Commission Report, which failed to answer the majority of the questions posed by the families of 9/11 victims. Many scientists--and even greater numbers of experienced professionals, from pilots to retired intelligence officials--are challenging the Commission’s findings and the NIST Report and calling for the release of evidence that the government has withheld.

H.R. 1955, in its heavy-handed measures to prevent homegrown terrorism, is reminiscent of “A Proclamation for Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition” issued by King George III in 1775, which had the effect of transforming loyal subjects into traitorous rebels and ordering all colonists "to use their utmost endeavours to withstand and suppress such rebellion." In Congressional hearings, those who dare to raise legitimate questions about the government’s account of 9/11 are now being branded as terrorists. Congress has joined the Executive branch in declaring war upon citizens who oppose war and defend the Constitution.

The San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth will feature the reading of a formal proclamation, which concludes as follows:

“Therefore, we the people… REJECT the findings in the official 9/11 and NIST Report, the PATRIOT ACT, the Military Commissions Act, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and Presidential Directive 51, and DEMAND the release of documents and evidence withheld by the government, and an IMMEDIATE, genuinely independent 9/11 investigation with subpoena powers, independent 9/11 researchers, and oversight by 9/11 families and concerned citizens. We DEMAND that Congress members uphold their oath of office to defend our Constitution, exercise executive oversight, and IMPEACH the President and Vice President before they commit more crimes against our nation and the world through deceptions, lies, and war.

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