Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 28, 2008- The Kick Them All Out Show with Bruce McDonald

Listen 8:00- 10:00 pm (PST) to the and to our guest - Bruce McDonald.

Bruce McDonald is the webmaster and driving force behind the, The Kick Them All Out Project. He is the President of element3, a small web site development and hosting company out of Colorado.

Roughly 3 years ago Bruce watched the film "The Corporation," a documentary that details exactly what those with the most wealth and power have swallowed up our nation and the world through the power of their corporations. It also details how they can get away unbelievable crimes against humanity, things they would not be allowed to get away with as individuals by simply hiding behind their corporate veils. Through their control of our government they can impose their will on all of us by simply passing legislation and regulations that are enforced by government police powers. Without the coercive powers of government, the people behind the most powerful corporations could not get away with what they are getting away with.

This knowledge moved Bruce to launch The Kick Them All Out Project, a campaign to rid our government and election process of the two most corrupting influences, corporate lobbyists and career politicians that have turned our government over to them. The Project has also launched the Fire Congress Campaign and Fire Congress Meetup Groups to facilitate the first step required to take back control of our Congress. As Bruce often says, until the power of our votes are FELT, we have no power. Politicians know we won't unite and vote them out. They are convinced we are too stupid and unfocused to ever pose any real threat to them. Until we demonstrate how wrong they are by voting them ALL out of office, they are absolutely right.

He is currently finishing up his first book entitled “We the people need to KICK THEM ALL OUT - The battle plan we need to fight and win the Third great American Revolution.” The book will be out this Summer.

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